Music As Treatment For Brain Injury

People have been using one or another form of music to heal a wide variety of medical conditions. Treating anxiety and stress with relaxing music is nothing strange, but the latest advancements in the medicine proved that music could be helpful in treating other physical and mental medical conditions.

So, in this post, I will discuss music and how it can help in dealing with injuries and medical conditions that exceed anxiety and stress.

Music and how it can help with speech problems

Music and how it can help with speech problemsStroke tends to damage speech networks as they are located on the left side of the brain. This is why stroke victims have problems with speech. The area of the brain that processes the music is found at the same place as speech network, and it doesn’t get affected by the stroke.

Victims, in a lot of cases, have no issues with remembering songs even though they can’t speak. Therapists have started using music and song lyrics to teach victims how to speak. The first part of the process is playing music after which the therapist talks to the victim and makes connecting to speech and music. The success rate of this therapy is very high.

Music therapy – A new approach to medicine

The effects of the music therapy have been a goal of research for several decades. The results aren’t conclusive, but the truth is that music helps. Many patients found that their mood improves after listening to the music.

Calming music has a positive effect on the body as well as it reduces the blood pressure, and calms down the heart (heart rate stabilizes). Having to go into surgery can mess up a person and cause all sorts of problems and music is the safest solution for people like that. This is why doctors advise their patients to listen to calming music before the surgery.

The same goes for music during the process as it calms down the surgeon. Every individual has favorite music that can calm them, and it’s important to find that music as it will make your life easier than it was before.