A Meal Isn’t Complete Without Background Music

Music is a part of everyday life. It found a way to become part of every aspect of life, and we should be grateful for it. I wouldn’t be able to relax with a morning coffee and breakfast without some music to break the silence. I believe that many others support this way of thinking.

The number of different music genres along with the variety of artists found within each one of them means that there is music for every possible occasion. Every restaurant has to figure out a music mix that is appropriate for the time of the day as well as the general atmosphere that the establishment has.

What type of music is perfect for breakfast?

A restaurant’s theme will determine the music that it plays. But there is something about breakfast that forces every establishment to rethink their playlist. I found that restaurants and hotels in the Lake District found an excellent solution to this dilemma. Most middle of the road restaurants play slower and more relaxing songs in the morning with a selection of the piano instrumentals and songs at dinner. If it’s a trendy restaurant or pub with younger or more cosmopolitan clientele you might find the music choices tend towards the popular rock, pop and indi music from bands who don’t pull punches and know how to best use those reverb pedals to full effect.

You might think that fast and catchy song is perfect for breakfast, but that would be wrong. Mornings are hard and slow, and people require peace to prepare for the day and all obstacles it brings. So, perfect music for breakfast has to be slow, but not too slow as it would induce sleep.

The focus of the music has to be on the tune and the pace of the same and not on the catchy lyrics. The music is there to break the silence of the morning and allow people to turn off other individuals that are in the same establishment. The volume of the music must be low to allow normal conversation, but it must not be small enough to enable you to hear other people from surrounding tables.

Background musicBackground music during the breakfast should always stay in the background. In that way it allows people to eat and sort out their responsibilities for the day. This is easy with low-volume music that covers other conversations that might distract you.